now we can see

we were born in the desert
we were reared in a cave
we conquered in the sun
but we lived in the shade
yeah baby we were savage
we existed to kill
our history is damage
at least it was a thrill

but now we can see
now that our vision is strong
we don’t need to admit we were wrong
now we can see
but the images don’t stick
our enemies lie dead on the ground
and still we kick

now we can see
the warnings and the signs
read in between the lines
like writing on the wall
now we can see
what do we need?
we should need nothing
nothing at all

we were born on an island
we grew out of the sand
never saw another creature
never knew another man
yeah baby we were nothing
we existed for less
our present was empty
our history a mess

but now we can see
now we do as we please
now we do away with our disease
now we can see
now the image sticks
we still need the medicine quick
we still take the pill
but only for the fix