we were sick

we were sick, sick at the top
so far from where we started
too far along to stop

we were sick, sick at the thought
we’d ever lose our grip and end up
sick at the bottom

fed on the dirt, laid on the land
never gave a day away
never gave a damn
bred all we could, shared all we had
every dirty germ another lesson and present
to man

we were sick, we were sick at birth
snuck around, had our fun
stuck a fork, we were done
we were sick, we covered the earth
us and all our friends and
anyone getting us medicine

we were sick, sick in the brain
too young to kill, too old to contain
stuck out our tongue catching the acid rain
we were high, we were alive
we were sick

never pure, never aware
never a cure, never a care
never a need
never a damn for legacy