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Hutch and Kathy FOR SALE!

HNKMERCHThe Hutch and Kathy LP and t-shirt are now in our online shop! These are both limited edition. Once they’re gone, we may never see them again. Originally released in 2002, ┬áthe Hutch and Kathy album has only been available on CD until this year! The vinyl was released on Record Store Day 2015 by Jealous Butcher Records. It sold out, and this is the limited edition second pressing on WHITE VINYL. The vinyl release has the previously unreleased track, “Far & Lonely”. Thanks for buying directly from us! xoxo

Hutch and Kathy LP Reissue, Tour Announced!

Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster have been melting hearts and faces for so long in The Thermals you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the Hutch and Kathy LP. Released just a year before (The Thermals’ debut) More Parts Per Million, Hutch and Kathy is at once a perfect precursor to The Thermals, as well as worlds away from the chaotic noise Harris and Foster would soon come to embrace.

Hutch and Kathy is a pop record. It’s a folk record. It’s a heartfelt personal journey through love and loss. Sunny and melodic in some places, dark and dramatic in others, Hutch and Kathy is a traditional indie record with just enough quirk and personality to make it entirely original. And how it holds up! Hutch and Kathy sounds as fresh and fun as it did back in 2002. The record has aged almost as well as Harris and Foster themselves. Seriously, have you seen these two lately? What do they do, drink blood? It’s really not fair.

Hutch and Kathy was recorded and performed by Harris and Foster in their home studios in Portland, Oregon in 2001, originally released on CD by Jealous Butcher Records in 2002, and now finally sees its first ever vinyl release just in time for Record Store Day 2015.

Hutch and Kathy will be touring the US in May and June in support of the reissue of Hutch and Kathy.




FA vinyl

Fuckin A, you guys! Fuckin A’s back in stock! Blue vinyl, digital download, awesome.


we are a band

kmf suburbiawe took four months off. that’s the longest amount of time we have taken off in TWELVE YEARS. but this week we are back! we have shows coming up, and we are working on new songs! and as always we are more than happy to sell you our LPs, CDs and TSHIRTS DIRECT! please visit SHOWS for SHOWS and SHOP for SHOP.