The Thermals VS. Sam Raimi

In which we explain how each Thermals record correlates with a Sam Raimi film, in two sentences or less.   More Parts Per Million = The Evil Dead 1-MORE PARTS PER MILLION - EVIL DEAD Cheap, mean and hungry.  A stellar debut!   Fuckin' A = Evil Dead 2 2-FUCKIN A - EVIL DEAD 2 The larger, louder follow-up.  Far better or much worse than the first, depending on who you ask.   The Body The Blood The Machine = Army Of Darkness 3-THE BODY THE BLOOD THE MACHINE - ARMY OF DARKNESS A gloriously over-the-top epic.  Bloody, brash and brilliant.   Now We Can See = Darkman 4-NOW-WE-CAN-SEE---DARKMAN Violent and cartoonish, yet with a strong moral core and a huge heart.   Personal Life = The Gift 5-PERSONAL-LIFE---THE-GIFT Carefully crafted, terribly underrated.  An all-star cast at the top of their game.   Desperate Ground = Drag Me To Hell 6-DESPERATE-GROUND---DRAG-ME-TO-HELL Dark, doomed and thoroughly entertaining. A modern classic!